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Kaitlin Rohowetz is a certified Health Coach and has a passion for helping women with a wide range of health issues. Coaching can be in person, or over the phone if you're long distance.

"I specialize in weight loss but my mantra has always been 'Skinny doesn't necessarily equal HEALTHY'. I help women get healthy and feel sexy and confident in their own skin. So many of my clients are surprised to see the increase in energy as an added bonus! I've helped women with overcoming obesity, stress eating, body image, and assist in career advancement with the surplus of energy they feel! I want you to feel good about your body, because your body feels good! If you're ready to take that next step for your health, and get rid of that nagging extra weight so you can be the amazing women you were meant to feel like and BE, schedule a FREE Total Transformation Breakthrough Session with me on our home page."


Testimonials from my clients:

"I have to gush a bit about Kaitlin. She has such a patient and kind demeanor that I instantly felt at ease with her as my coach. Even when I have a hard time describing my own thoughts and feelings, she has a way of helping me find my way out of my own head, listening closely and making my thoughts more concise. I had a lightbulb moment with Kaitlin recently that I will forever appreciate, helping me take a huge step forward in my life and my career. I hope many others are able to benefit from her coaching as she uses her skills and experience to continue inspiring and supporting others."

 - Kristina F. Chicago, IL

I've struggled with weight my entire life, committing to A Better Body Coaching and working with Kaitlin has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. She is professional, well informed, and insightful. Kaitlin is genuinely patient and an exceptional teacher. I learned so much from this program about myself, my thoughts about my body, and my relationship with food. Together we made goals to focus on each week and when the times came that I missed the mark, she continued to encourage me. By the end of each meeting I felt a boost of confidence and believed “I can do this” as I tackled the upcoming weeks goals. Her ability to be empathetic is entirely organic. She always made the space with her feel safe, which allowed me to really dig deep. Self doubt, because of being unsuccessful in the past, played a role while deciding if I should participate in the program. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to try something I’ve never done to get the results I’ve never had, and took a leap of faith. I am so thankful that I didn’t allow fear to dictate my decision because this coaching has been a total game changer for me. The mantra I created while in the program will forever have a place on my kitchen wall & in my soul.
“I AM worthy of living a healthy life” and
“I AM capable of making lasting change”

 - Kirsite K. Madison, WI


I found Kaitlin to be a great life coach! I loved how each week we started with what was going right based on the set goals from the prior week/s. I found it to be a reinforcement by beginning with what was going well vs. what didn't go well. It served as a reminder that even a small step in the right direction was still stepping in the right direction.

I had a few emotional hiccups during the 12 weeks of our session. Kaitlin was able to help redirect me and get me back on track. It was a good reminder that life happens, and it isn't always black and white. It forced me to be more flexible with my goals yet not to abolish them.

One of my goals was to hit the gym four days/week over the 12 weeks. I instead made it to the gym five days/week all but one week (and that particular week, I still hit my goal of 4 days/week)! I consider that a success, all because Kaitlin kept me accountable! Furthermore, these small successes also helped me indirectly with my goal to improve my overall mental health and self-esteem.

If you are looking for someone to help get you back on track and keep you accountable, I would recommend connecting with Kaitlin!

 - Kathy M., Madison, WI


I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Kaitlin in the 90 Day Intensive Total Body Transformation series. When we first started working together I had three main goals I thought were most important.

1. To get more sleep and feel more rested

2. Eat less sugar (mainly ice cream)

3. To be more present with my family (set healthy boundaries around electronics, mostly). 

Kaitlin always asked good questions that made me think about what and why these goals were important to me. As the sessions went along, I found that my goals morphed into something much bigger than losing weight and getting more sleep. I found that I am creating habits (some healthy, some downright wrong) for and with my kids. I know they are watching our every move! My goals are now focused on teaching my children to be productive humans that will (hopefully) live a full and happy life when they are adults. Through practice, patience and persistence I hope to leave them with healthy habits around food, electronics, relationships, rest, self care and so much more!  

I have learned a lot, but know I have so much more to learn. I look forward to working with Kaitlin again in the future. 

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more and do better.

~Shannon E. Mount Horeb, WI

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